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Date: 6/10/2006
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Antique 1908-12 Nautical US American 46 Star Flag NR!

This auction is for an antique American flag with forty-six stars and no stripes. Flags with 46 stars were flown in the United States between 1908 and 1912. The present owner had a strong feeling that it was once aboard a naval ship many years ago. The flag is made of cotton and the embroidered stars are of a finer cotton. It has one grommet on the left side (the hoist) but the other grommet is missing. The name "Jack" is stamped on the fabric next to the missing grommet. The flag measures approximately 84" inches wide and 54" inches tall. It's in good condition overall with a moderate amount of holes, tears, and discoloration in the fabric. It also has some light fraying at the right side where it used to flap in the wind. Please scroll down to view all our photos of this rare piece of history. The auction has no reserve price so don’t miss your chance to win. Place your bid now!

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Antique 1908-12 Nautical US American 46 Star Flag NR!

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