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98 Wax Cylinder Phonograph Record Lot Edison Blue Amberol Columbia Tubes Lids NR

This listing is for a lot of 98 antique wax cylinder phonograph records. One notable title is #3458 - Uncle Tom's Cabin A Dream Picture Edison Concert Band. This lot includes an assortment of Edison Amberol records with most in the original tubes. Most of the cylinders in this lot are blue, while a few are black that may be Columbia Indestructible cylinders. The seller informed us that the majority of these cylinders have been tested on an Edison Amberol 30 phonograph from 1913 and sounded incredible. There are a few that were cracked and did not play but 95% of the cylinders worked and sounded fine. Some of the tubes are not original, and the lids that are included may or may not be original. Most of the tubes are missing their lids, and some are also missing bottoms. Due to the condition of this lot, it's selling as-is. This listing has no reserve price so don't miss your chance to win!

The winning bidder can also pick up this item at our store in Winooski, Vermont to save on shipping charges. All local pickups are subject to 6% Vermont state sales tax.

Cylinders included, in numerical order:

Record # Title Artist 

  1. 784    Accordion Solo Medley of Irish Jigs J Kimmel 
  2. 1296   Keep your foot on the soft pedal Duprez 
  3. 1507   Town Topics of Pumpkin Center Cal Stewart 
  4. 1511   My uncles's farm Golden & Hughes 
  5. 1522   Money Musk Medley VA Reel Nat. Prom Band 
  6. 1544   Darkies Dream & Darkies Awakening Van Eps 
  7. 1547   Silver threads among the gold Oakland 
  8. 1594   Village Gossips Stewart & Porter 
  9. 1600   Home sweet home the world over  Edison Concert Band 
  10. 1621   Everything's at home except your wife Van Brunt 
  11. 1759   Two Jolly Sailors Porter & Harlan 
  12. 1766   Old Comrades March US Marine Band 
  13. 1770   Fisher's Hornpipe Medley (Violin) D'almaine 
  14. 1776   God be with you etc. Edison Mixed Quartet 
  15. 1782   Garland of old fashioned roses Romain 
  16. 1798   Where the River Shannon Flows Oakland & chorus 
  17. 1817   She's my Daisy H Lauder 
  18. 1818   Goodbye till we meet again Harry Lauder 
  19. 1827   Sail on silv'ry moon Campbell & Gillette 
  20. 1840   Just Plain dog Van Avery 
  21. 1845   Daddy has a sweetheart etc. Romain 
  22. 1852   I laughed at the wrong time Cal Stewart 
  23. 1856   Where the silvery Colorado etc. Gillette & chorus 
  24. 1865   Old Black Joe  Knickerbocker Quartet 
  25. 1873   When you and I were young Maggie Oakland & chorus (2 of them)
  26. 2013   Good Night Waltz NY Military Band 
  27. 2022   The curse of an aching heart Oakland 
  28. 2030   There's a mother always waiting you etc. Oakland & chorus 
  29. 2075   Dear old Girl Oakland  
  30. 2098   Every Little movement Narelle Potter & chorus 
  31. 2103   I'll take you home again Kathleen Oakland & chorus 
  32. 2134   An Irish Husband Gillette & chorus 
  33. 2206   Dreaming - Waltz Hesitation Edison Concert Band 
  34. 2222   Sing me the rosary Gillette & mixed chorus 
  35. 2236   The dear old songs Oakland & chorus 
  36. 2253   You're here and I'm here  K Kingston & Murray 
  37. 2428   When the angelus is ringing Gillette & chorus 
  38. 2514   The dodo dawdle  Fox-Trot Band 
  39. 2587   Happy that’s all Yan Avery 
  40. 2598   The insect powder agent Golden & Marlowe 
  41. 2600   When I'm gone you'll soon forget Brunt & Clark 
  42. 2617   My old Kentucky home Chalmers & Chorus 
  43. 2635   Little Grey home in the west Randolph & chorus 
  44. 2657   War talk at pun'kin center Cal Stewart 
  45. 2704   Destiny Waltz Jaudas Society Orchestra 
  46. 2708   The Gladiator March NY Military Band 
  47. 2719   Daisies Won't tell Clark & Phillips 
  48. 2752   The Blue paradise - waltz of the season Ballard Wheeler & Chorus 
  49. 2761   All aboard for the county fair  H Knight & Co. 
  50. 2773   Till the boys come home F Wheeler & Chorus 
  51. 2789   Lauterbach and Hi-le hi-lo (with yodels) G Watson 
  52. 2868   When the right girl comes along B Murray & Chorus 
  53. 2894   On the hoko moko isle Collins & Harlan 
  54. 2940   If I knock the "L" out of Kelly etc. Ada Jones & Chorus 
  55. 2948   Don't bite the hand that's feeding you W Van Brunt  
  56. 3124   With his hands in his pockets etc. Harlan 
  57. 3130   When you and I were young Maggie W Van Brunt & chorus 
  58. 3227   My Waikiki Mermaid  - Hula Medley Waikiki Orchestra 
  59. 3235   Mo Anna Hawaiian Waltz Jaudas Society Orchestra 
  60. 3306   It's Nice to get up in the morning Ellison 
  61. 3317   Bill's visit to St. Peter Golden & Heins 
  62. 3326   Laddie Boy  L Gilbert 
  63. 3434   Black thorn stick medley of jigs (Violin) D'almaine 
  64. 3436   Break the news to mother  G Ballard & Chorus 
  65. 3458   Uncle Tom's Cabin - A Dream Picture Edison Concert Band 
  66. 3460   The battle song of liberty march NY Military Band 
  67. 3463   Li'l Liza Jane - One Step Stewart 
  68. 3466   Whistling coon Meeker & Empire Vaudeville 
  69. 3472   Mother's old sweet lullaby W Oakland & Chorus 
  70. 3506   The makin's of the USA B Murray & Chorus 
  71. 3514   Oh! Min! Ed Meeker 
  72. 3577   Bonnie Kate  - medley of reels (Accordion Solo) J Kimmel 
  73. 3583   Aloha Land (Hawaiian Waltz) Waikiki Orchestra 
  74. 3615   Smiles - fox trot Jaudas Society Orchestra 
  75. 3616   Hawaiian Breezes Waikiki Orchestra 
  76. 3670   Till we meet again Gladys Rice & V Dalhart 
  77. 3673   The worst is yet to come B Murray & Chorus 
  78. 3730   Johnny's in town A Fields & Chorus 
  79. 3733   Beautiful Ohio Waltz Jaudas Society Orchestra 
  80. 3745   The Arkansas Traveler Len Spencer 
  81. 3747   Salvation lassie of mine  Clark & Hart 
  82. 3799   Tiger Rose Waltzes Lenzberg's Riverside Orch 
  83. 3840   Danny's Return from France Willis Jones & Meeker 
  84. 3848   The Song That Reached my heart - Home Sweet Home L James 
  85. 3874   Faust Waltz Peerless Orchestra 
  86. 3876   That tumble -down shack in Athlone  W Oakland & Chorus 
  87. 3905   The same as his fathers did before him G Ellison 
  88. 3918   Abandonado - Mexican Waltz Peerless Orchestra 
  89. 3952   Lucille Fox-trot The All Star Trio 
  90. 3965   Dardanella - Fox trot H Raderman's Jazz Orchestra 
  91. 4220   Margie Medley Fox Trot Della Robbia Orchestra 
  92. 4265   Make Believe Fox trot H Radermans Jazz Orchestra 
  93. 4359   She's the lass for me G Ellison 
  94. 12911  Je N'ai Pas L'Habitude De Fumer Baryton 
  95. 23073  She's the lass for me M. Lauder 
  96. 28256  Carry me back to old Virginny Thos Chalmers & Chorus 
  97. 40553  Petite Tonkinoise Banda Espanola 
  98. E         Two Rubes swapping horses Porter & meeker 

Please check all of the available shipping methods and costs prior to bidding.

The winning bidder can also pick up this item at our store in Colchester, Vermont. All local pickups are subject to 7% sales tax.

98 Wax Cylinder Phonograph Record Lot Edison Blue Amberol Columbia Tubes Lids NR
98 Wax Cylinder Phonograph Record Lot Edison Blue Amberol Columbia Tubes Lids NR 1
98 Wax Cylinder Phonograph Record Lot Edison Blue Amberol Columbia Tubes Lids NR 2
98 Wax Cylinder Phonograph Record Lot Edison Blue Amberol Columbia Tubes Lids NR 3
98 Wax Cylinder Phonograph Record Lot Edison Blue Amberol Columbia Tubes Lids NR 4
98 Wax Cylinder Phonograph Record Lot Edison Blue Amberol Columbia Tubes Lids NR 5
98 Wax Cylinder Phonograph Record Lot Edison Blue Amberol Columbia Tubes Lids NR 6

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