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For 8 years, we have been doing a 1/2 hour radio show, the first Tuesday of the month, on WVMT with Charlie, Ernie & Lisa!
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880 Prim Road #2
Colchester, Vermont 05446
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Featured Items

Peavey Impulse 500 Speaker 15" Black Widow Subwoofer Sub Woofer +Cover Tested!!!
Price: $120.00
Bids: 0 bids
Ends: 6 D 5 H 36 M
(1/28/2019 12:01:44 PM)

Numark CDN-22 Rackmount Professional DJ Dual CD Player +Controller Lot As-Is NR!
Price: $24.99
Bids: 0 bids
Ends: 1 D 8 H 43 M
(1/23/2019 3:08:49 PM)

MINT! Never Read! 1st Edition CJ Jung Nietzsches Zarathustra Seminars Vol I II
Price: $299.99
Bids: 0 bids
Ends: 1 D 14 H 41 M
(1/23/2019 9:06:08 PM)

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