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Global Garage Sale - a different kind of store!

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What does GGS Sell? Everything!

Where does GGS Ship? Worldwide!

Global Garage Sale Still On Air:

For 8 years, we have been doing a 1/2 hour radio show, the first Tuesday of the month, on WVMT with Charlie, Ernie & Lisa!
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Sliding Scale Commission:

The better you do...the better we do! Because we earn a commission from sales, it's our goal to get the most money possible for your merchandise. Global Garage Sale has a sliding scale commission, so you get a higher percentage on big ticket items. Our commission includes all auction site and payment processing fees. For items that sell between $50 and $500, you will get 50% of the sale price. Please see the detailed commission chart below.

Standard Auction (No Up-Front Fees):

-$24.99 Opening Bid
-7 Day Length
-Sells to the Highest Bidder

Optional Upgrades (Up-Front Fees):

-Higher Opening Bid: 10% of opening bid price (max $20)
-Buy it Now Price: $2
-Subtitle: $2
-Bold Title: $2
-CD with Auction Photos: $5
-Craig's List: $10

Detailed Commission Chart:

Final Sale Price
Our Commission (includes all selling fees (eBay,PayPal,...))
You Get
50% of the Final Sale Price

50% of first $500 ($250) plus
45% of the remaining price.

> 50%
Larger than $2,000
50% of first $500 ($250) plus
45% of next $1,500 ($675) plus
40% of the remaining price.
*For items that sell for less than $50, the client's share is slightly less than 50%.

Featured Items

9 Texaco Diecast Lot Ford Mack Oil Trucks Banks Fire Chief Gas Pump Ertl Gearbox
Price: $30.00
Bids: 0 bids
Ends: 5 D 22 H 31 M
(6/1/2018 5:35:31 PM)

'03 Monte Carlo SS Jeff Gordon Goodyear Eagle 1 Yellow Letter Tires 225/60R16
Price: $399.99
Bids: 1 bid
Ends: 1 H 26 M
(5/26/2018 8:30:28 PM)

Fitbit Alta HR Heart Rate Fitness Wristband Activity Tracker Large + 2 Bands Lot
Price: $35.00
Bids: 5 bids
Ends: 5 D 1 H 31 M
(5/31/2018 8:36:09 PM)

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