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For over 12 years, we have been doing a 1/2 hour radio show, the first Tuesday of the month, on WVMT, now on The Morning Drive with Marcus and Kurt!
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The Global Garage Sale Monthly Top Ten List.
Listen on the first Tuesday of every month. The next show should be on: 11/3/2020
As heard on Burlington and Plattsburgh's #1 News Talk Station WVMT 620AM, with Marcus and Kurt, on The Morning Drive, every weekday from 6AM to 9AM.
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# 10
2020 Burton Ruler SO Step On Snowboard Boots Size Men 11 Clover BOA SOLD OUT NR
Price: $270.00
Bids: 2 bids
Buyer was in: IL , United States
Views: 164

# 9
Vintage Beatles Drum Set Pelham Puppets Pop Band Marionette Instrument Complete
Price: $282.00
Bids: 9 bids
Buyer was in: KY , United States
Views: 201

# 8
Vintage Daum Crystal Ming Race Horse w/ Pate de Verre Saddle 8" Glass Statue NR
Price: $305.00
Bids: 2 bids
Buyer was in: CA , United States
Views: 176

# 7
Vintage Team Associated Reedy RC10 Remote Control Race Car Vehicle Parts/Repair
Price: $308.00
Bids: 10 bids
Buyer was in: FL , United States
Views: 747

# 6
90 1975-1990 Savage Sword Conan The Barbarian #7-179 Bronze Age Comic Book Lot
Price: $320.00
Bids: 34 bids
Buyer was in: IN , United States
Views: 333

# 5
Factory Sealed Pokemon 1st Edition Jungle Booster Pack TCG Weighed 21g Heavy NR
Price: $410.00
Bids: 25 bids
Buyer was in: CO , United States
Views: 1094

# 4
Modine Airedale Hydronic Unit Heater WSC47SB06SA Hot Water Steam 47000 BTU 1/6HP
Price: $425.00
Bids: 1 bid
Buyer was in: MA , United States
Views: 837

# 3
Vintage 1960s Barbie Collection Nurse Julia TNT Francie Skipper Ken Doll Lot NR
Price: $578.00
Bids: 26 bids
Buyer was in: ME , United States
Views: 789

# 2
1995 2nd Edition 10/31/95 Phish Halloween Jim Pollock Rosemont Horizon IL Poster
Price: $750.00
Bids: 1 bid
Buyer was in: IN , United States
Views: 2

# 1
Einstein The Tube High End Audiophile Balanced Line Stage Preamp 8 E88CC ECC82
Price: $5,500.00
Bids: 1 bid
Buyer was in: IL , United States
Views: 1

Featured Items

Watts 909AGF Air Gap for Backflow Preventer 1 1/4"-3" Cast Iron EDP Accessories
Price: $40.00
Bids: 0 bids
Ends: 15 D 14 H 19 M
(11/4/2020 1:25:51 PM)

Frankoma 5t Teapot w/Lid + 5b Sugar Bowl Shamrock Plainsman Prairie Green Set
Price: $50.00
Bids: 0 bids
Ends: 15 D 16 H 51 M
(11/4/2020 3:58:11 PM)

9/14/1959 President Mamie Eisenhower Princess Beatrix Netherlands Type 1 Photo
Price: $40.00
Bids: 0 bids
Ends: 6 D 21 H 48 M
(10/26/2020 8:55:04 PM)

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