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The Global Garage Sale Monthly Top Ten List.
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# 10
Vtg 1950s Fred Bear Grizzly Static Limb RH Recurve Archery Bow Longbow 62" 50#
Price: $132.50
Bids: 35 bids
Buyer was in: CO , United States
Views: 730

# 9
Rare Vtg Burton Approach Snowskate Snowdeck Skateboard Snowboard 33" x 8" Used
Price: $132.50
Bids: 37 bids
Buyer was in: WI , United States
Views: 201

# 8
Vtg 1970s Cry-Baby Wah Pedal Stack of Dimes Inductor Thomas? Jen? No Reserve!
Price: $141.38
Bids: 20 bids
Buyer was in: NM , United States
Views: 275

# 7
5 Ampex 456 Grand Master 1/2" x 2500 Tapes + 10.5" Metal Take Up Reel To Set Lot
Price: $152.50
Bids: 15 bids
Buyer was in: CA , United States
Views: 87

# 6
99 Fleer Marvel Masterpieces Emotion Signature Series Parallel Card Set Lot 1995
Price: $165.07
Bids: 22 bids
Buyer was in: WV , United States
Views: 201

# 5
NEW NOS Harley Fatboy Front Fender Primed Unpainted Original Box 59139-89 NO RES
Price: $177.50
Bids: 21 bids
Buyer was in: MA , United States
Views: 74

# 4
Wholesale Lot 1000+ NEW Posters Fine Art Sports Nature Music Movies Animals ++
Price: $460.00
Bids: 1 bid
Buyer was in: , United States
Views: 1

# 3
Hammarlund SP-600-JX-26 US Army Signal Corps R-274C/FRR HF Tube Radio Receiver
Price: $460.00
Bids: 19 bids
Buyer was in: MA , United States
Views: 533

# 2
Vincent Bach Stradivarius Bb B Flat Trumpet #37 W/ Selmer Case 7C Mouthpiece Lot
Price: $811.00
Bids: 39 bids
Buyer was in: AB , Canada
Views: 898

# 1
Vandersteen 2Ce Signature Stereo Audiophile Speakers Oak Matching Pair 1 Owner!
Price: $841.00
Bids: 23 bids
Buyer was in: MD , United States
Views: 598